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 Thousands of Families have Toured the Land of Israel with the Eretz Yisrael Movement – Join us this Summer/Fall for an unforgettable trip for the Whole Family!

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Sukkot In Israel

Sukkot In Israel

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Fall & Winter in Israel

Fall & Winter

  • I had an incredible trip with the Eretz Yisrael Movement. A special thank you to our tour guides Danny and Margalit for making it such a special and educational trip. Our grandchildren had a wonderful time as well as my wife and I. I would recommend this tour to anyone!

    – Abe Barnett

  • I along with my wife and two children went to Israel with Eretz Yisrael Movement last year. We had an unforgettable trip and we're already planning to come back next year with other friends and family. Thank you for an amazing trip and see you soon!

    – Jessica Weinstein

  • Just writing to send thanks for excellent tour. I've been with the Eretz Israel movement for at least 12 tours. Saw a lot of new and interesting sites. Great hotels, food ,tour guides ,bus drivers and the other people on tour were great. The only problem is, the 2 weeks pass by so fast. Looking forward to going to Israel next year with the Eretz Israel Movement.

    Recommend tour highly.

    Best way to visit Israel.

    – Dr. Steven Schlamowitz